Precision Glass Sphere Balls

Precision Sphere Glasss Balls

We manufacture High Precision Glass Sphere Balls, ranging in diameter from 0.60mm to 50mm.

We collaborate with several high-quality glass suppliers and can provide customers with glass balls of varying densities and colors .

We implement high standards of precision and surface quality control measures, perform rigorous inspections, and insist on high-class cleanroom packaging, so as to ensure our delivery quality.


Regular Specifications
Glass Sphere Ball Roundness
<0.00025 mm
Surface Quality (MIL-PRF-13830B)
10/5 max.
100% under microscopic
inspection before delivery.
Diameter Tolerance per Unit Container
± 0.00025 mm
Packing Method:
Clean Waffle Tray
Clean Glass Bottle + Plastic Bag
Clean Vacuum Plastic Bag
100% clean room inspection and packing.
2 nm max.
Sode Lime Glass, Borosilicate Glass (various colors), Black Glass, Quartz Glass.

Frequent Questions about Precision Glass Balls

In the process of making high-precision optical glass balls, we mainly choose materials according to the technical needs of customers. On the premise of meeting the technical needs of customers, we will provide several alternative materials, such as domestic ones, mainly to reduce costs. Of course, this is only used with the consent of customers.

The processing of glass balls employs optical cold working technology. Therefore, refractive index and thermal stability will not affect the quality of finished products.

We go through five steps, each step is to refine the roundness of the ball and to use finer powder to grind and polish it. In the final step, the roundness of the sphere is ensured through the process parameters of a lapping machine, while the surface quality is controlled using damping cloth and polishing powders below the micron level.

Our production process goes through five steps. Each step has its unique process. The diameter and sphericity of the ball in each step must be accurate enough to enter the next step. To measure the sphericity of the ball, we use a digital micrometer, lever micrometer, and roundness instrument respectively in different steps.

We consider environmental impacts and deal with waste materials and chemical substances in strict accordance with national laws and regulations. In the production process, we try to select environment-friendly raw materials and avoid using pollution-producing products.