Ceramic Balls (Silicon Nitride and Others)

Precision Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls

We manufacture High Precision Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls (Si3N4).

The precision of our ceramic balls can reach the highest standards according to ISO 3290, i.e. requirements of G3.

We procure raw balls from China’s leading silicon nitride sintering supplier, offering products processed through both GPS (Gas Pressure Sintering) and HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing Sintering) techniques.

Silicon nitride ceramic balls exhibit excellent properties such as superhard wear resistance, low density, low thermal expansion coefficient, strong fracture toughness, high compressive strength, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, non-magnetic, and self-lubrication. They serve as outstanding bearings in applications such as electric vehicles, drones, industrial robots, and other fields.

Regular Size: Diameter 0.4 – 80 mm
Precision: max. G3 (ISO 3290)


Applications: Special bearings and pumps, electric switches and sensors, and medical instruments. They are used in automotive, aviation and aerospace, naval, petroleum, chemical, and electronic industries.

Features Comparision:

Indicators Steel Balls
(for comparison)
Si3N4 Balls
Si3N4 Balls
Density (g/m3) 7.6 3.24 3.26
Hardness (HRC) 81.2 93 95
Young’s modulus (Gpa) 190 320 320
Thermal Expansion (10^-6/K) 12.3 3.1 3.1
Service Temperature ( °C) 320 1000 1000
Fracture Toughness (Mpa.m1/2) 6.1 7.3
Flexural Strength ( MPa) 820 1030

Except for Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls, we also provide Silicon Carbide Ceramic Balls, Zirconia Oxide Ceramic Balls, and Alumina Oxide Ceramic Balls. You’re welcome to contact our sales people for details.