Unwavering Dedication to Precision

glass, sapphire, ruby, ceramic sphere balls and lenses

Do you need high precision sphere balls, rods & flat lenses?

Precision Perfected, Spheres Redefined

GELINDE Optical Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise dedicated to the precision grinding of sphere balls and optical lenses, committed to high-quality customization grinding and standard product grinding. With years of experience and technical expertise, the company provides high-precision, consistent, and optically pristine products and technical solutions for fields such as optics, optical communication, mechanical power transmission, pumps and valves, instrumentation, and more. Serving a wide range of clients, including commercial enterprises, professional laboratories, and renowned universities…

We operate three specialized processing centers: the Optical and Transmission Center in Jiangsu (Xuzhou), the Optical and Transmission Center in Shandong (Zaozhuang), and the Optical Precision Processing Center in Hubei (Xiangyang). In 2023, a global sales and service center was established in Chongqing.

Upholding the founding principle of ‘Unwavering Dedication in Precision’, our high-quality products and precise delivery services have expanded into new technological frontiers such as optical fiber communication, lens modules, and drone transmission, earning high praise from satisfied customers.

Three Specialized Processing Centers

Key Processing Equipment
Devlopement and Manufacturing

Gelinde possesses a multitude of grinding and polishing techniques, with key processing equipment designed and manufactured in-house, fundamentally ensuring the high precision and consistency of product supply.

equipments of balls manufacturing
equipment of balls manufacturing


Gelinde has a quality inspection team of over 30 people equipped with advanced testing instruments, including high-precision roundness gauges, interferometers, hardness meters. The team possesses capabilities in quality inspection for high precision, hardness, roughness, and other product attributes.

Expert Partners Agree

“Gelinde’s optical lenses exhibit unparalleled quality, boasting exceptional clarity and precision. The meticulous attention to clean packaging details further enhances the overall scholarly experience. Undoubtedly, Geinde’s lenses prove instrumental in advancing research pursuits, affirming their indispensable role in the academic sphere.”
Mr. Lee • Scientist at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
“Gelinde’s microsphere lenses boast exceptional surface quality control. With a remarkable circularity control of individual spheres within 0.3 micrometers and batch tolerances within 1 micrometer, they significantly enhance the coupling efficiency, transmittance, and overall yield of our optical communication products. Undoubtedly, Gelinde’s lenses contribute to operational efficiency, ensuring stringent standards, positively influencing our product reputation in the entire industry.”
Mr. Chen • CEO & CTO at Tongsheng Optoelectronics

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