Precision Perfected, Spheres Redefined

Glass, Sapphire, Ruby, Ceramic

Do you need high-precision sphere balls, rods & flat lenses?

specialists in sphere ball grinding and polishing

GELINDE specializes in precision grinding of sphere balls and optical lenses, working on high-quality customization grinding and standard product grinding, widely serving businesses, professional laboratories, and renowned universities…


Specialized Glass Material Grinding

high precision high consistent glass sphere balls for experimental use, laboratorial use, medical instrument indication…


Synthesized Sapphire Material Grinding
high precision high consistent sapphire balls and half balls, high hardness sapphire balls, corrosion resistant sapphire balls…


Synthesized Ruby Material Grinding

high precision high consistent ruby balls and half balls, high-wear ruby balls, high-temperature resistant ruby balls…


Specialized Ceramic Material Grinding

high precision high consistent ceramic balls, silicon nitride balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, all-ceramic bearings…


Explore GELINDE Factories

GELINDE possesses comprehensive in-house processing capabilities covering the entire production cycle, including material cutting, grinding, rough & fine polishing, purified water cleaning, dust-free inspection, and packaging. Our capabilities extend to processing various materials, such as specialized glass, ruby, sapphire, and ceramics…

Our Core Values

GELINDE adheres to our founding principle of “Unwavering Dedication to Precision”. Committed to quality products and precise delivery services, our service scope has expanded to new technological domains such as optic fiber communication, lens modules, and mechanical power transmissions in drones. This has earned us high praise in the market.

Our Customers Say

“GELINDE’s optical lenses exhibit unparalleled quality, boasting exceptional clarity and precision. The meticulous attention to clean packaging details further enhances the overall scholarly experience. Undoubtedly, Geinde’s lenses prove instrumental in advancing research pursuits, affirming their indispensable role in the academic sphere.”
Mr. Lee • Scientist at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“GELINDE’s microsphere lenses boast exceptional surface quality control. With a remarkable circularity control of individual spheres within 0.3 micrometers and batch tolerances within 1 micrometer, they significantly enhance the coupling efficiency, transmittance, and overall yield of our optical communication products. Undoubtedly, Gelinde’s lenses contribute to operational efficiency, ensuring stringent standards, positively influencing our product reputation in the entire industry.”

Mr. Chen • CEO & CTO at Tongsheng Optoelectronics

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Precision Perfected, Spheres Redefined

We are specialists in the grinding and polishing of sphere balls and optic lenses. Our work inspires. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding precision and consistent products for leading customers across the world.

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